Research Awards

The American Art Therapy Association and its generous donors provide annual Research Awards which are publicly presented at a special ceremony during the Annual Conference to encourage the growth of the art therapy profession by rewarding excellence and enabling access to information and resources for the members who are selected by the Research Committee. This year, the Research Committee, through a highly competitive selection process, will bestow these awards:
     Gladys Agell Award for Excellence in Research 
     Rawley Silver Research Award (up to 2 awards)


Research Award applicants must be current members of the American Art Therapy Association. Follow the guidelines for the award and/or grant for which you are applying, and submit all required materials via the AATA member portal.
Click here for a full list of 2022 Research Awards. 


Application Submissions for the 2022 cycle are closed. 


Members of the Research Committee or their designees will review proposals using the Evaluation Criteria explained for each separate grant or award. Members of the committee who review proposals must be blind to the identity of individuals submitting a proposal to ensure impartiality; they must not know the applicants. If committee members who can remain blind to the applicant identity are not available to review submissions, the Chair will invite qualified reviewers from outside the committee to review a submission. Outside reviewers will be chosen in consultation with other Research Committee members who are knowledgeable of art therapists with research expertise and able to provide a careful and thoughtful judgment on submissions.


This award is given out to student members of the American Art Therapy Association in support of excellence in research. Maximum Award Amount: $250.00

Eligibility Criteria for Award:

  1. The researcher must be a student member of the American Art Therapy Association, Inc.
  2. An art therapist must be the principal investigator.
  3. The study must be conducted in the area of applied art therapy research.
  4. The research design must use a statistical measure.
  5. The research must be student work completed within the past year. Both May and December graduates may submit papers by June 15 of the following year.
  6. 2022 Application

The purpose of this award is to fund an art therapy research study in its proposal stage. Maximum Award(s) Amount: $1,000.00 each. Up to two awards in 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for Award:

  1. The researcher must be a voting member of the American Art Therapy Association, Inc.
  2. Individuals may submit (or be part of a submission team) for only one proposal. Multiple submissions by any researcher (individually or as part of a research team) will not be accepted.
  3. The research must be in a proposal stage or an early progress stage.
  4. 2022 Application

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